April 27, 2021
Woman looking at phone

Do you know everything Instagram has to offer?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms across all age groups. What started out as a platform to share photos with filters to […]
January 6, 2021
Virtual Travel

How to Virtually Experience the World

It looks like we might have a long winter with the pandemic, even with the vaccines beginning to roll out. As we continue to bunker down […]
January 8, 2020
Senior Friendly Technology

Senior Friendly Tech Trends for 2020

Technology isn’t just about selfies and social media. Many advances in design and use features help the older folks live independent, safe, and healthy lives. In […]
July 11, 2019
Keeping Up with Technology

Don’t Give Up on Trying to Keep Up with Technology

Technology evolves at the pace of a speeding bullet. Recently, I was teaching an Advanced iPhone class, and there was some noted grumpiness that the next […]
April 26, 2017
Baby Boomers and Technology

Why Baby Boomers Must Embrace Technology

When it comes to baby boomers and technology, for a generation who didn’t grow up with touchscreens and tiny computers in their pockets, the ever-changing landscape […]
March 13, 2017

Safety with technology is in your hands: update!

It’s a conundrum that we all face. Use technology and you risk “being hacked” or putting info out into the world that is accessible to the bad […]
February 13, 2017
Cloud computing

What is the Cloud and How does it Work?

The notion of “the cloud” is a mystery to many people. So, what is the cloud? All it means is that the data (photos, videos, documents, […]
January 19, 2017
Technology and aging

Technology and the aging brain

Technology Can Benefit the Aging Brain Research has shown that cognitive decline often begins between 45 and 60 years. Fortunately, digital literacy may help reduce cognitive […]
January 12, 2017
Baby Boomers and Technology

Boomers Learning to Navigate in a Digital World

Census reports consistently show the proportion of Americans living alone rising, especially since the 1970s. In large part because of the higher rate of divorce, about […]