CyberSmart: Comprehensive Security Training

Password Management - Online Security Training
One of the most significant issues that we all face in today’s world is keeping our information secure. Using the internet has become a basic utility and necessity of life. However, going online makes you vulnerable if you aren’t using the most up to date strategies for safety and security. Knowledge is power! Power against the “bad guys”!

After years of working with clients, it became clear that a two-hour seminar or a six-week session of classes just doesn’t work for the average person. Without the foundational skills and knowledge needed to use secure strategies, any type of class was bound to fail. And time and again, I saw that happen.

The only way to learn how to manage your online life securely is with a deep dive into the various aspects of what it takes on a day-to-day basis to thwart off the threats.

We created a year-long program to teach, demonstrate, and guide you through many different scenarios, establish the foundational skills and knowledge you need to to be able to work with the tools that will help you to protect against cyber hacking and attacks. This training incorporates all aspects of online security to help you significantly reduce your potential of being a victim of cyber attacks.



  • PASSWORD MANAGEMENT – You will not only learn password best practices, but we will get you set-up using a secure password management app, such as 1Password.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – Learn how to keep your account private, protected, and how to spot fake news and have fun with social media without the worry.

  • EMAIL BEST PRACTICES – Deep dive into email do’s and don’ts. What to look for and how to stay away from email designed to wreak havoc on your life. We will reinforce behaviors and techniques that will keep your communications safe.

  • WI-FI SAFETY – If you use public wi-fi you are putting yourself at risk. You will learn about the dangers and the best ways to protect yourself.


WHAT: Monthly group sessions that focus on a specific aspect of online security. In addition, there will monthly group video calls and email to answer questions and provide you with additional support.

WHEN: November 2018 – October 2019

WHERE: The Tech Wizard offices in the Los Angeles area

WHO: Anyone concerned about staying safe online. Beginner level of knowledge is assumed. In an effort to keep these classes intimate and helpful for everyone, we will be limiting the number of spaces so register early.

HOW MUCH: $349