Technology doesn't come naturally to all of us. This is why the Tech Wizard provides tech classes that are tailored to individual learning styles and needs so you can use your devices easily and safely.

Technology helps you stay in touch with family and friends, manage your finances, and overall make life a little easier if you are using it right. But with iPhones, iPads, email, streaming video, and social networking, the online world continues to expand, which can become overwhelming quickly. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. The Tech Wizard can help you set up your devices, troubleshoot ongoing tech issues, learn new programs/apps, get more out of your devices, and most importantly keep you safe online.

Lessons tailored to your needs

Whether you need one-on-one instruction or prefer a group setting, The Tech Wizard customizes classes based on your specific needs to make sure you get the most out of every session.

Focus on online safety

Technology is integrated into every aspect of your life. We provide our clients the insights and knowledge to help them use it efficiently and securely at home and at work.

Stay on top of new technology

It’s hard to keep up with constantly changing technology. We help our clients stay up-to-date, whether it’s the latest smartphone, computer or app we can keep you current on the latest and greatest.

Judi Jacobs, Founder and CEO of The Tech Wizard

A former successful plaintiff's tort trial lawyer, Judi began her journey into teaching and learning about technology in the early part of her legal career. Through the necessities of life, she discovered a love of computers and mobile devices. In 2005 Judi launched her IT business in conjunction with the practice of law. In 2012 Judi decided to devote her efforts to her passion: teaching people how to use technology for life.


What my clients have to say

  • Candis Whittemore
    Judi with her years of experience is better than most Apple employees in answering my questions and solving my problems with my devices. As an older adult, I thought I would never be able to use the iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Now I can use them all. My self-esteem and joy of life have increased substantially.
    Candis Whittemore
  • Barbara
    As always, you inspire confidence where maybe none exists!
  • Jutta
    Thank you for your support and patience with me. Your caring and patient style of teaching keeps me coming back for more. Today’s class was fabulous...
  • Dr. MT
    I have been working with the Tech Wizard to get my home set up as a smart home. I am so impressed by how versatile she is!! Between setting up Alexa, recommending and installing lightbulbs...even installing smart switches for my fixtures!! There were a couple of snafus because I didn’t accurately identify things I wanted done, but she very fluidly figured out easy workarounds and simple solutions. In addition to the setup, she organized everything for me for easy reference and then taught me how to use all the cool functions. It is so fun - my house welcomes me home now every day after work!! Thank you Tech Wizard!!
    Dr. MT
  • Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, CEO Non-Profit
    Before working with The Tech Wizard, I had 3 separate calendars and 4 electronic devices, none of which were coordinated. I was not utilizing all the capability of technology available to me, but I assumed it would take too much time to learn everything. Was I ever wrong! In a matter of MINUTES, they taught me how to consolidate my calendars and use software to allow all of my devices to interact.
    Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, CEO Non-Profit
  • I have significantly improved productivity after working with The Tech Wizards. They have shown me not only how things work, but how they can work for me. My calendar, contacts and emails are now all working for me in a way that has made my very busy life move run much more smoothly. I no longer feel paralyzed and panicked.
    Laura Owens, Rabbi
  • Humor and Smarts! That’s what I find most enticing…and The Tech Wizards has got them both!!!
    Barbara Freeman, Retired
  • I am delighted that my entire attitude about my computer is changing. I’m beginning to understand its usefulness and I see it as the stress-reducing tool that it is meant to be. I love the adventure of learning, even if I still cry in frustration. I am empowered by my lessons with you, Judi!
    Elizabeth Bryan