iPhone Battery Management on the Road

 Travel tips abound—we are discussing trip preparation and iphone battery saving tricks are key.

  1. Bring chargers for use on the plane, in the airport, or elsewhere. USB cables and wall chargers (and adapters if you are going abroad). Make sure the chargers are accessible and not in checked luggage so you can grab them when you need to charge.
  2. Car chargers. For use in buses, cabs or car service. Often forgotten but on the road these can be life savers.
  3. Battery management. Turn on or enable Low Power Mode to keep other services to a minimum or turned off and battery usage optimal. Open Settings>Battery and enable Low Power Mode. Battery is displayed in yellow when turned on.

iPhone Battery Management

These tips are a part of our May series on Travel Basics, however, battery management is a part of daily use too. If your phone charge is rapidly going down and it will be a while before you can juice it up, use this technique to extend battery life.

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