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Time for a New Smartphone

Time for a smartphone upgrade?

It’s the season for product launches. We start hearing rumors galore about the latest and greatest smartphones coming to the market. While it’s fun to speculate what features the new models will have, remember that much of what you hear is rumors, and your best bet is to see what really shows up.

The hype ranges from gossip about incredible improvements to downright disappointment with what to expect. Do not have unrealistic expectations about the newest generations of phones from all manufacturers. Markets now have structured smaller, but important user-friendly and user-requested changes, but not HUGE updates. It is unlikely that one device is going to make or break your love affair with a particular brand.

One of the major issues with each new phone launch typically addresses battery life. With each iteration of phone reviewers claim the battery will last XYZ times longer! While battery life has improved over the years, the way many people use their phone throughout the day has also evolved. The better the phones get the more we use them. It is unrealistic to think your battery life will drastically improve, even with the newest models. (I always recommend having a charger with you at all times. Carry them in your car, purse, or briefcase so you are never stuck with a dead phone.) Also, keep in mind that no smartphone worth your while is going to have a removable battery, so ignore those rumors all together.

My biggest piece of advice if you are dying to get a new phone is WAIT! The new phones are being announced now through September. Retailers are going to start trying to unload old models. Do not get sucked their deals. It is best to buy the newest model you can afford. The last thing you want is to buy a “new” phone for you that is so outdated it cannot take advantage of the latest software.

Finally, make sure you buy what’s right for you. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • How long do you expect to have this phone when you buy it? One year or two years or longer
  • What’s your budget?
  • What features are really important to you?
  • What size works well for you? Do you have vision issues? Is the larger phone too big for you to grasp or operate?

Do not say, I just want the basics. If you have not had a smartphone you cannot possibly realize all of the features placed at your fingertips. Don’t give into all of the hype and buy something that you are going to regret a couple months down the road. A little patience, reading and thoughtful planning makes all the difference in buying a phone that works for your life!

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