Technology Gift Ideas

Holiday gadgets for the techie family or loved one

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are right around the corner, and everyone is looking for the must-have gadgets for their loved ones. Here are my recommendations for top tech gifts for the techie family or loved one this season.

Top Tech Gifts

  • iPhone 7Plus. The latest and greatest iPhone was released this fall, and it is the top of the line phone. It’s upgraded front, and rear camera with optical image stabilizer takes photos that do not disappoint. This is the ultimate gift for a loyal Apple fan who wants to stay up with the trends.
  • Pixel XL. Google just launched its first proprietary phone, and the consensus is it is the best Android phone out there right now. It has a great camera that is in line with iPhone 7 with a 12.3-megapixel rear camera and an above-average 8-megapixel camera for selfies. For its first time making hardware, Google has a winner. If you have an Android lover to buy for, they won’t be disappointed.
  • Tile. Tile is the perfect gift for someone that is always losing things, like keys, wallets, the TV remote, or even luggage. The Tile provides a way for you to put a tiny Bluetooth device on or in your stuff trackable with an app on your phone. Not only will it reveal its location, but it will also ring when you get close to it. You can even find your phone by pressing the button on the Tile tracker. Your phone will ring, even on silent. The newest version of Tile is smaller and slimmer, which makes it easier to use.
  • Apple Watch Series 2. The second iteration of the Apple Watch is now available, and it has some significant upgrades that make it a great gift for the techie or fitness buff in your life. The new Apple Watch is a serious contender amongst the other sports watches out there with GPS, a faster processor, upgraded software and a waterproof body. Also, it has a brighter screen that makes it easier to see.
  • Amazon’s Echo. Amazon’s voice-activated smart home speaker is a fun, futuristic device that can be used for practical everyday things. Just say “Alexa” and ask it anything you want from what the weather is to start playing music. If your house is set up as a smart home, it will also control lights, thermostat, locks and more. (While the original Echo is a little pricey at $180, Amazon recently introduced a lower cost version, the Echo Dot. The Dot costs $50, but you lose out on the speaker, which is less powerful than the Echo.) Amazon’s devices were the first personal home assistants and are further along in development than the recently revealed Google Home. We are barely scratching the surface of the voice-activated device trend in the home. The Echo or the Dot is a perfect gift for the techie in your life that likes to stay a step ahead of the curve.
  • Apple Air Pods are the hottest new technology for listening if you are an Apple fan and if you are venturing into the world of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Snazzy, functional and cutting edge, not to mention high performance. Can’t miss this one on your list!
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones are ear noise canceling headphones with world-class comfort, style, and sound. While the Air Pods are wild, these headphones are classic and provide excellent noise canceling as well as reliable and steady Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Eero Home Wi-Fi Router is an incredible new quick, easy and secure way to set up your home network. Eero uses multiple access points and an excellent mobile app to create a mesh network in your house that includes previous dead spots to form an incredibly fast and reliable Wi-Fi setup at home. They come in packages based on square feet and layout of your living space. For those that suffer from poor Wi-Fi at home, the Eero system is a gift that never stops giving for all family members!
  • Circle by Disney is a security appliance that you connect to your home network. Circle allows you to manage every device on your network, without ever needing to install software on them. With Circle you can set time limits for apps and websites, age-appropriate filters and more and these restrictions can be different for each child. A cinch to set up and a necessary device for managing your youngsters, as you never know what they try to do under the covers!
  • Roku, Chromecast or AppleTV. Streaming TV and video continue to gain popularity. With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime becoming more mainstream a streaming media player is a must if you don’t have a Smart TV.
  • TechArmor Cases for your smartphone. Since running into Eric Tong, Co-founder and General Manager of TechArmor, I have been sporting the iPhone 7Plus Shock Flex case. I have to say it has become my favorite case of all time. I love the protection, of course. But what I appreciate is the grip and feel of the phone in the case. I am not one of those purists who can rock a naked iPhone in all its beauty. I have the device in my hands a lot, and much of that time I am teaching. I stand, I sit, I walk around a room. I get careless and focus on other things and need something to protect and care for my phone. I highly recommend you check out their cases.
  • Jabra Bluetooth In-Car Speaker is essential to be able to safely use navigation and play media from your phone while in your vehicle if you do not have the built in car mechanism. I have been working lately with so many folks who have older cars that will not connect to their phones. Jabra has a long line of reliability. We have had a version of this speaker in our 2004 Honda, and it works great. The charge lasts about six months or so, depending upon use. Easy to connect and pretty good noise canceling as well.

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